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Kamberk Naadam 2011 Archery Happening

The two creative Knights of Kamberk, Mýša and Komtur, take the liberty of inviting you to the annual traditional archery contest at the medieval fortress Kamberk. The competition has been prepared jointly by the Knights of Kamberk and Prague Branches IQ 60. The last competitions' results and photos you can find here

  • Date: 24 -26 June 2011
  • Place:
    Fort Kamberk
  • Programme:
     - Party and registration
    Saturday - Traditional archery competition, Party
    Sunday -  Funny disciplines, Party

The programme may be slightly altered depending on when the Saturday competition will end. There will be fewer disciplines and contestants as compared to last year. This is why participation is limited to invited individuals and the contest is not designed for the general public. Attendance of all other participants is subject to approval by the organisers. For up-to-date information, news and comments on the part of the organisers see the Organisers’ News section. In the Účastníci / Participants you may find an updated list of registered participants and the services they have ordered. You can also check on the progress in your registration in this section. Application forms and queries may be sent via the form in the Kontakty (Contacts) section or at When registering, please follow the procedure stated in the list of participants. The following data are required for registration: Surname and first name (or a nickname so we know who the person is); category depending on bow type; accommodation and number of nights you wish to stay; meals order. If you wish to bring other people to accompany you, it is possible to book accommodation and meals for them under the same conditions and in the same way.  

  • Category:
    Traditional Bow (TL)
    - Wooden arrows with target arrowpoint and natural fletching.
    Sport Bow (SL) - All the remaining types, all types of arrows. We do not accept compounds, crossbows and olympic recurves.
    Junior (JR) - Children under 12 years of age, any equipment.
  • Starting Fee: 350 CZK (14 EUR), category JR 100 CZK (4 EUR)
  • Levels of difficulty: Each archer may select level for all competition A - very difficult, shooting from red mark, B -normal, shooting from blue mark. Looking for arrows is allowed after competition!

As usual, we will be moving along the track in small groups. Each contestant will receive a multi-language booklet describing the disciplines in simple terms and in detail. No guides will therefore be necessary. Groups of archers will be smaller than usually (4 persons).

  • List of disciplines:

Target shooting
20 m
Target: 60 cm FITA
Scoring: 1-10 points
Number of arrows: 10

25-30 m
Target: a circle 80 cm in diameter
Time: 45 s
Scoring: 5 points each hit
The arrows are in the quiver, the hands along the body. The number of arrows shot is recorded as an auxiliary criterion.

King’s Retreat
15, 20, 25, 30 …… m
Target: human figure
Scoring: 10 each distance achieved.
Each archer has one shot and one extra (remedial) attempt. If the target is hit, he/she proceeds to a further distance limit. The starting distance is 15 m, and the final distance limit to which the contestant proceeded is recorded – not the last hit. The number of arrows shot is recorded as an auxiliary criterion.

Michal's Special
Distance: 120 m
Target: 240 x 270 cm with two circles
Scoring: 5, 10, 15 points
Number of arrows: 10

Distance: 70-80 m
Target: Traditional Turkish pear-shape 80x100 cm
Bodování: 20 points each hit
Number of arrows: 10

15-18 m
Target: 2 targets of 40 cm in diameter rotating around a vertical axis
Scoring: 5, 10 points
The first arrow isstringed, the remaining ones are in the quiver. Shooting goes on until the device stops. Only hits in the front area are counted. The discs rotate clockwise. 

Asia Balls
Distance: 15-25 m
Targets: three balls of various diameters
Scoring: 1, 5 and 10 points
Number of arrows: 10
The small ball 10 points, the medium ball 5 points and the large ball 1 point. It starts with a large ballTo proceed to a smaller ball is necessary to hit a previous one.

Forest Archery
Distance: 10-40 m
Targets: 3D animals
Scoring: 5, 8, 10 points
Number of arrows: 1 at each target

Všetice Roving
Distance: varying, unknown
Targets: a disc on a bundle of hay
Scoring: 1st arrow - 10 points, 2nd arrow - 8 points, 3rd arrow - 6 points...
Number of arrows: maximum 6
The number of points decreases along with an increasing number of attempts.

Reduced Windsor Round
Distance: 37, 46, 55 m
Target: 120 cm FITA
Scoring: 1 - 10 points
Number of arrows: 6 from each distance

Forest Roving
varying, unknown
Targets: balls with different size
Scoring: 1st arrow - 10 points, 2nd arrow - 8 points, 3rd arrow - 6 points ….
Number of arrows: maximum 6
The number of points decreases along with an increasing number of attempts. Game is shooted in the forrest.

Field Archery
: unknown distances 5-50 m
Target: 20-80 cm FITA Field face (black)
Scoring: 1-6 points
Number of arrows: 3 on each target
Shooting in FITA field rules for unknown distance.

The rules may be slightly modified.

We are looking forward to working with you!

Mýša and Komtur

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