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Meals will be provided at the place of competition, starting with Friday dinner and ending with Sunday lunch, at the following prices:

Breakfast: 60 CZK (2,5 EUR) 
Lunch and dinner: 100 CZK (4 EUR) each menu

You may order meals in the registration mail as follows:

VSOVSO = I order full board: Dinner (Večeře) Friday, Breakfast (Snídaně) Saturday, Lunch (Oběd) Saturday, Dinner Saturday, Breakfast Sunday, Lunch Sunday. Should you not want some of the meals, replace the initial capital letter with  + symbol, for example: V++V++ = I only order Friday and Saturday dinner.

We need to know the number of meals that will be required as precisely as possible. The number of meals on top of those ordered in advance will be very low in order to minimise waste. The participants in the event last year certainly remember that the value for money (quality and quantity versus price of the food) was very good and this is going to be the case during the upcoming event as well. Please think carefully about your meals requirements and let us know in due time (the last orders may be placed some 7 days before the beginning of the contest).
Thank you for understanding. 

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